About MythX

Preparing for a smart contract audit

MythX automatically scans for security vulnerabilities in Ethereum and other EVM-based blockchain smart contracts. MythX's comprehensive range of analysis techniques—including static analysis, dynamic analysis, and symbolic execution—can accurately detect security vulnerabilities to provide an in-depth analysis report. With a vibrant ecosystem of world-class integration partners that amplify developer productivity, MythX can be utilized in all phases of your project's lifecycle. Our team of security experts is dedicated to the research and improvement of our tools and techniques used to fortify your code.

Integrated with tools developers use

Develop using familiar tools

MythX isn't a standalone tool. The MythX-CLI integrates with popular developer tools like Truffle and Remix. Install the correct plugin and you will have the most powerful automated security analysis right in your development environment.

Create your own integration

Want more flexibility? You can submit your code to the MythX API directly.

How it works

Submit your code

Submit your code

The analysis requests are encrypted with TLS and the code you submit is accessed only by you. Submit both the source code and the compiled bytecode of your smart contracts for best results.

Activate a full suite of analysis techniques

Activate a full suite of analysis techniques

The longer MythX runs, the more it can detect more security weaknesses.

Receive a detailed analysis report

Receive a detailed analysis report

MythX detects majority of vulnerabilities listed in the SWC Registry. The report will return a listing of all the weaknesses found in your code, including the exact position of the issue and its SWC ID. Reports generated can be only accessed by you. MythX offers 3 scan modes, quick, standard and deep. You can see the differences here.

Once MythX returns no technical errors, your code is ready for a full audit. Check out our partners, ConsenSys Diligence for the best in smart contract auditing.

An ecosystem of partners

Find your success team

Many companies use MythX in their service offerings. The MythX Partner Program containins details about our partners and their product offerings.

Be a part of the solution

Want to become a partner, and integrate MythX into your product? Join the Partner Program!