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MythX offers a wide range of specialized services which enables enterprises to elevate their smart contract security to the next level.

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Our Offering

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Auditor Guided Security Scan

Initial Assessment

Assess smart contract development environment

Guided Vulnerability Scan

Perform deep custom automated analysis on smart contract.

Detect generic security issues and best practice violations in the source code, and provide manual review by security auditor to eliminate spurious results.


Generate findings in a comprehensive report.

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Custom Verification Service

Analysis planning

Assess smart contract business logic and agree key properties to test.

Analysis Services

Create custom property validation tests.

Run a deep fuzzing campaign to increase analysis coverage and reduce residual risk.


Generate findings in a comprehensive report.

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Continuous Verification

Solution Architecture

Monitor changes automatically.

Technology Integration

Integrate into your development environment to perform continuous analysis on any code changes.


Detect security issues shown within the source code along with transactions traces, results are viewable on the MythX Dashboard.

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Retainer for Custom Support

Custom Support

Maintain client profile, smart contract development environment with executable specs.

Maintenance services

Maintain CI pipeline integration.

Maintain executable wrapper contracts containing assertions.

Maintain “Actor” contracts used to establish a seed states and functional scope for Mythril and Harvey

Maintain IDE scripts to set up initial states for verification.


Dedicated MythX development support.

What our customers say

From the beginning the ConsenSys Diligence team made a great effort to contribute to the security of the Aave Protocol, providing knowledge that helped us grow our awareness and security-focused culture. Their technology will be extremely helpful to move Aave forward. Their MythX technology was used in this project to verify the correctness of the Aave smart contract system
Emilio FrangellaFullstack Blockchain Developer at Aave
Working with the MythX team solidified our perspective on the effectiveness of fuzz testing, and strengthened the trust in the audit report ConsenSys Diligence led on our v3.0 release.
0x team

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