Smart Contract Vulnerability Coverage

MythX currently detects most SWCs found in the SWC Registry. Below you can find the types of vulnerabilities MythX covers.

SWC-100 Function Default Visibility
SWC-101 Integer Overflow and Underflow
SWC-102 Outdated Compiler Version
SWC-103 Floating Pragma
SWC-104 Unchecked Call Return Value
SWC-105 Unprotected Ether Withdrawal
SWC-106 Unprotected SELFDESTRUCT Instruction
SWC-107 Reentrancy
SWC-108 State Variable Default Visibility
SWC-109 Uninitialized Storage Pointer
SWC-110 Assert Violation
SWC-111 Use of Deprecated Solidity Functions
SWC-112 Delegatecall to Untrusted Callee
SWC-113 DoS with Failed Call
SWC-114 Transaction Order Dependence
SWC-115 Authorization through tx.origin
SWC-116 Timestamp Dependence
SWC-117 Signature Malleability
SWC-118 Incorrect Constructor Name
SWC-119 Shadowing State Variables
SWC-120 Weak Sources of Randomness from Chain Attributes
SWC-121 Missing Protection against Signature Replay Attacks
SWC-122 Lack of Proper Signature Verification
SWC-123 Requirement Violation
SWC-124 Write to Arbitrary Storage Location
SWC-125 Incorrect Inheritance Order
SWC-127 Arbitrary Jump with Function Type Variable
SWC-128 Gas Exhaustion
SWC-129 Typographical Error
SWC-130 Right-To-Left-Override control character